Bluetooth hearing aids, customized and auto fitting

Personalized listening with remote control

Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
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Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Save $1540

Vivtone SMART Bluetooth Hearing Aids

$659    $2199    Pair

The SMART can be connected to your mobile phone through the Bluetooth function. Hearing fitting can be performed through the smartphone, and the amplification frequency and volume of the left and right hearing aids can be set separately. This allows for a completely personalized listening experience. (No streaming)

Various functions of the Bluetooth hearing aid can be easily adjusted through the smartphone. It is no longer necessary to operate the various small buttons on the hearing aid.

What's Include:

  • FDA-registered SMART bluetooth  hearing aids(1 pair)
  • Shakeproof carry case*1
  • Size 13 hearing aid batteries
  • Spare ear domes
  • Spare sound tubes
  • Cleaning tool
  • User manual
  • FREE fast shipping (usually 3-5 business days)
  • FREE lifetime support from our audiologists
  • 45-day risk-free trial
  • 100% money-back guarantee

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Tracking Number for Every Order

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FDA Registered

Free Shipping

Premium Quality

24/7 Support Online

100,000+ Satified Customers

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45-day money back guarantee


It’s our 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise to you! Try Vivtone Hearing Aids for 45 days and if you’re not fully satisfied, return them for a full refund. And we mean a FULL refund. Call our great agents, any time, day or night. We make it easy.

vivtone-ideal gift for seniors

Ideal Gift for Seniors

Approximately 1/3 People Between The Age 65-74 Has Hearing Loss, And Nearly 1/2 Of Those Older Than 75 Have Difficulty Hearing. Vivtone Will Be The Great Gift For Them To Live Better

vivtone-professional lifetime support

Professional Lifetime Support

The Xpure was designed to assist mild to moderate hearing loss right out of the box and is backed by unlimited support from our dedicated team of licensed hearing professionals.

vivtone-free fast shipping

Free Fast Shipping

We usually ship the product on the same day or the second business day after placing the order. Buyers usually receive the products within 3-5 business days.You have a trial period of 45 days and one year quality warranty.

trustpilot review of vivtone

Everyone loves Vivtone SMART

We’ve already changed the lives of 100,000+ Americans. Will you be next?

customer review of vivtone

Kailey Birchall

Best Bang for Your Buck

This is a really good quality hearing aid but it's very affordable, especially compared to other similar hearing aids. It charges super quickly and lasts over 20 hours. Believe me, I've done allll the research. Highly recommend!

customer review of vivtone

Frank M

High Quality and Great Service

The hearing aids are a great value. They sound every bit as good as others that I have tried costing much much more. When I first received them, I contacted customer support and they solved my problem quickly. These hearing aids are comfortable and efficient. This was the best money that I spent in a long time. It is so nice to hear everything clearly again.!

customer review of vivtone

Lydia Hinds

86 Years Old Hearing Well Again!

My husband is a piano teacher……He LOVES these new hearing aids. His hearing is normal again with them in place and, even better, there is NO ambient noise as there was with his previous ones. We are both so much happier and enjoy being able to talk in normal voices.

Learn more about Vivtone SMART

Precision Fitting: Online & Satisfying

More people tend to purchase hearing aids online, but they are with different hearing profile and not satisfy to get a general boost.
Vivtone SMART revolutionarily solve this problem!
With automatic self-fitting APP control and superior sound quality, plus the fast-recharging feature, this device will give you the accurate hearing boost that you desire for long.

vivtone xpure bluetooth control and self-fitting

Adaptive Hearing: Evolving with You

According to the changes of hearing loss, SMART provides timely and updated programmable listening experience.

vivtone xpure bluetooth hearing aids small and intelligent

Mobile Mastery: Control & Customize

What Features Can You Control With the APP?
You can do the hearing test, fitting to your hearing profile, choose the program and adjust the volume  of the hearing aids by mobile phone. (No streaming)

vivtone xpure bluetooth hearing aids app control

Smart Hearing: Hearing Aid Fitting at Home 

SMART provides hearing test, and automatically configures hearing compensation according to degree of hearing loss. Get your personalized hearing aids, without going out to visit doctors or audiologists.

vivtone xpure bluetooth hearing aids app control

Seamless Sound:  Adaptable & Clear

SMART's four modes provide versatility, adapting to diverse environments for enhanced speech clarity, reduced background noise, and improved listening experiences in everyday life, restaurants, traffic, and outdoor settings, ensuring users can seamlessly adapt to various listening environments.

vivtone lucid508 in normal mode

01 Normal

Normal mode is designed for everyday situations, providing a balanced listening experience that enhances speech clarity and ambient sounds in most environments.

vivtone lucid508 in noisy mode

02 Restaurant

Restaurant mode specifically targets the challenging background noise found in dining settings, focusing on filtering out distractions and amplifying conversation for better communication.

vivtone hearing aids in traffic mode

03 Traffic

Traffic mode is tailored to cope with the unique noises of bustling streets and transportation, prioritizing safety by ensuring users can clearly hear traffic signals and approaching vehicles.

vivtone lucid508 in tinnitus masking mode

04 Outdoor

Outdoor mode optimizes the hearing aid's performance for nature and recreational activities, delivering clear sound quality while minimizing wind noise and other environmental disturbances.

Rechargeable Freedom: Fast & Long-lasting

Fully charged within 2.5 hours, then can be used for 20+ hours. Quick charge for whole day using, no need to replace batteries.

vivtone lucid508-professional modes

Enjoy Custom Sound Gain & Long-term Excellence

Dual directional microphones for better sound recognition, multi-channel sound process for better sound quality. No whistling or feedback.
It can provide updating hearing experience to fit the change of hearing loss, great for long term using.

vivtone lucid508-professional modes

FREE fast shipping

FREE lifetime support from our audiologists

45-day risk-free trial

100% money-back guarantee

Based on 1000+ reviews

Only $649.00
Compare at $2199.00, you save $1540

45 day money back guarantee

payment methods accepted by vivtone

Hear now, pay later.


Pay in 4 (over 6 weeks), always interest-free 

Pay monthly (up to 12 months), with interest

We’ve partnered with AFTERPAY and KLARNA to offer financing options as low as $54.08/mo. based on a purchase price of $649.

Choose afterpay or Klarna at checkout. Manage your spending while getting your hearing back.

Improving your hearing is now easier than ever.


Free Lifetime Support

The best hearing technology at the best price is only the tip of the iceberg with Vivtone. Our friendly, professional and highly trained team of hearing aid specialists are always ready to lend a hand, to make sure you get the most out of your hearing aids.
Have a question? Contact us!
Call us: (833) 938-1277  ( Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST )
Email: hours a day, 7 days a week)


The SMART is perfect for...


You can expect to hear one-on-one conversations clearly and crisply. State-of-the-art hearing technology gives you the stress-free conversations you deserve.

conversations with vivtone hearing aids
talking on the phone with vivtone hearing aids

Talking On The Phone

Experience clear phone calls. You'll have no trouble hearing clearly during phone conversations.

Watching TV

Start sharing your favorite shows again. Advanced technology focuses on the dialog so you can turn down the TV volume to a level that everyone can enjoy.

watcking TV with vivtone hearing aids
walking on the street with vivtone heairng aids

Noisy Environments

Advanced technology separates what you want to hear from the background noise, so you can hear in noisy environments such as streets and restaurants.

WE PROMISE 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

Satisfied or your money back

How big of an impact will better hearing have on your life? Experience the difference yourself. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your Vivtone hearing aids within the first 45 days, we’ll give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

Say goodbye to the era that hearing aids need to cost thousands of dollars

happy customers of vivtone

How can hearing aids that cost hundreds be every bit as good as ones that sell for thousands?

In traditional mode,a large part of cost was spent on testing, audiologist service, going to the hearing clinic again and again. 

With the improvement of the hearing aids’ technology, and convenience about purchasing online, Vivtone provides the adaptive hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss people (which covers above 80%) with the most competitive price. 

We delivery Vivtone hearing aids from our factory direct to your doorstep,cutting off the office cost,doctor fees,sales reps and the middleman. We cut out the Middleman,so you can save money. 

You don’t need to pay a lot to hear your grandchildren’s laughter, listening to your favorite music, having a pleasant conversation with your loved ones. Say goodbye to the era that hearing aids need to cost thousands of dollars, and start your new journey of wonderful sound!

Designed by Audiologists

All of our devices were designed by the audiologists and sound engineers. Hearing Aids work for over 94% of customers .

vivtone designed by audiologist

Professional features of Vivtone

satified customers of vivtone-no whistling

Crystal sound, no whistling

Hug a loved one or put on a hat without the annoying squealing of other hearing aids. Advanced feedback cancellation technology identifies and eliminates whistling (feedback frequencies) before they reach your ear.

vivtone lucid508-fast and recycle charging

Self-fitting and Adaptive Hearing

Tailored to your unique hearing profile, these devices provide optimal clarity and adapt to changes in your hearing loss over time. Invest in long-lasting comfort and personalized sound quality for a seamless listening experience.

vivtone lucid508-almost invisible behind the ear

Almost Invisible Behind the Ear

Discreet Wearing with Comfort- Smaller size & light-weighted design. Nearly invisible behind the ear, with medical-grade materials.

We cut out the middleman so you can save money

vivtone deliveried from factory direct to your homevivtone deliveried from factory direct to your home

- Do the hearing test and fitting at home

 With Vivtone Xpure bluetooth hearing aids, You can do the hearing test, fitting to your hearing profile, choose the program and adjust the volume of the hearing aids by mobile phone.

- Cut out the middleman

By cutting middlemen out of our process, we can guarantee our customers world-class quality at wallet-friendly prices. We don't think fixing your hearing should break the bank. That's why we work every day to keep our costs as low as possible — because if our costs are low, yours are, too.

Based on above efforts, our founder created Vivtone hearing. The beauties of Vivtone are:
 · no need for hearing clinic visit
 · cutting out the middleman
 · ready to wear out of the box
 · noise reduction, no whistle
 · affordable price

 Which make Vivtone a revolutionary, medical-grade hearing aid that works for over 94% of Americans.
Simply put them on, do the hearing aid fitting by phone and let the hearing aid do the work.

What you get

Great Savings

Hearing aids can get crazy expensive. We keep our prices low so anyone can afford, because everyone deserves to hear.

Premium Quality

Discreet, adjustable, noise reduction. Enjoy the benefits of a "high-end" hearing aid at a fraction of the cost.

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love our devices, let us know within 45-days of receiving it and you will be reimbursed in full!

Award-Winning Customer Care

Our world class customer service team of dedicated hearing professionals is here for you every step of the way.


Free lifetime support

Dedicated professional team
With over a decade of experience, we know improving your hearing is a journey. Our dedicated team of hearing aid specialists is here to help every step of the way.

Available 24/7 by phone or email
 Sometimes you need to talk to a real person. That’s why Vivtone comes with professional lifetime support at absolutely no cost.

(833) 938-1277

customer service representative of vivtone
five star rating of vivtone hearing aids

Based on 1000+ reviews

Only $649.00
Compare at $2199.00, you save $1540

45 day money back guarantee

payment methods accepted by vivtone

Have questions? Call us now (833) 938-1277