Suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss?
Look no further.

Introducing the Sensley S02.

5.0 out of 5.0

sensley s02
  • 2023 Whistle Management Microchip
  • Background Noise Reduction Software
  • 25+ Hours of Clear Sound Per Charge
  • Portable Charging Case
sensley s02 hearing aids-headphone design

Headphone Design

- Redefining Confidence in Hearing Aid Technology!

 Our revolutionary S02 model combines cutting-edge technology with the appearance of stylish headphones.

sensley s02 hearing aids-no need eardomes

No Need Ear Domes

- Experience the Future of Comfortable Hearing

The innovative hearing aid with a patented design for the perfect fit, eliminating the need for ear domes. Our progressive design gently and securely conforms to your ear canal, providing a seamless and natural experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of ear domes and hello to effortless comfort and exceptional sound quality. Discover a new level of convenience and freedom with Vivtone S02. Try it today and revolutionize your hearing experience.

sensley s02 hearing aids-no whistle

No Whistle at Any Volume

- the ultimate solution for hassle-free and uninterrupted hearing

Say goodbye to irritating feedback and whistling. Our advanced microchips and cutting-edge algorithms prevent sound loop, delivering exceptional sound quality. Experience the joy of uninterrupted conversations and immersive listening

The Ultimate Charging Case

We have engineered the most advanced hearing aid in 2023. The S02 now comes standard with a portable charging case that provides you with 20+ hours of use per charge. If your hearing aid runs out of charge, no worries - simply put them back into the charging case and within 2-3 hours you have a full charge on your S02. Revolutionary? We think so.

sensley s02 hearing aids-fast charging

Smart Operation

The smartest companion for your ears. Simply take them out of the charging case and they automatically turn on, ready to enhance your auditory experience. Adjust the sound volume with a quick press, no more trouble with complicated buttons or the need for additional tools. Enjoy seamless and intuitive operation for a hassle-free hearing solution.

sensley s02 hearing aids-smart operation

Affordable for Everyone

We have spent years analyzing the market. We were able to source all of the internal parts for our hearing aids with one objective in mind - beat everyone else's price... and we did. Nobody in the market has a cheaper hearing aid than we do. And if you find someone else with the same product or price point - they probably got it from us.

sensley s02 hearing aids-affordable price
sensley s02 hearing aids-advantages

The Reviews Are In!

Diana Delaney

Best hearing aids

These are my favorites that i 've ever used. And I've tried quite a few over the years... but these are the easiest to use, the best sounding, best looking, and they're the lowest price. Can't be beat! will be recommending the S02 to my friends and family.

Pete Brendeland

Exceeds expectations for low cost hearing aids

Does exactly what was hoped for in a low cost hearing aid, it will help me to take the leap into more comprehensive solution's if I determine to do so. For the time being, it was a perfect choice.

Craig Hinds

Absolute best value in true hearing aids

For only $89 these are the absolute best value hearing aids on the market in my opinion. Increases my ability to hear things I hadn't heard in years. Fits well with multiple ear tips included and easy to adjust volume with included tools.

We Think It's An Easy Decision

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Price$ 89/Pair$3,000 /Pair
Charging Case×
No Need Ear Domes×
Headphone Design×
Touch Control×
No Doctor Approval×
Ships to Your Door×
Fully Rechargeable×

Frequently Asked Questions

sensley s02 hearing aids

Hi, I'm Vivian

I am the CEO of Sensley Hearing. When I was 55 years old I started experiencing hearing loss. I decided to go to an audiologist just to find out a pair was $4,000! Needless to say, I was discouraged. I couldn't afford that and I know majority of people can't. This is why I dedicated years of research to create Sensley Hearing. The beauty of Sensley is that you don't need an audiologist. They are built for people that have mild hearing loss to severe. Simply put them on, adjust the volume and let the hearing aid do the work. Sensley was created to Unite the World, One Word at a Time.

sensley s02 hearing aids



$249.97  $89.97

5.0 out of 5.0

  • 2023 Whistle Management Microchip
  • Background Noise Reduction Software
  • 25+ Hours of Clear Sound Per Charge
  • Portable Charging Case