Exploring Costco Hearing Aids: Reviews, Alternatives, and Cost Comparison

Costco Hearing Aid Center

Individuals who have difficulty hearing would often search for a cost-effective solution. Naturally, hearing aids at Costco is one of the first brands that comes to mind. But what are the rest of the advantages of doing so and are there any drawbacks and other considerations to keep in mind? Sit back as we’re about to take you through everything you need to know about this ever-popular brand while presenting some alternatives along the way.


First things first, purchasing hearing aids from Costco offers several advantages. Firstly, Costco hearing aids cost less than a lot of its competing brands. They often offer lower prices compared to other retailers, potentially saving customers a significant amount of money. Additionally, Costco partners with reputable hearing aid manufacturers, ensuring access to high-quality products. Customers can find trusted brands and models at Costco Hearing Aid Centers, providing assurance about the reliability and performance of the devices.


Furthermore, a Costco Hearing Aid Center provides comprehensive services through licensed professionals. These specialists conduct thorough evaluations to assess hearing ability and determine the need for hearing aids. They offer personalized consultations to understand individual needs and provide customized fitting and programming to optimize the hearing aids' performance. Costco's customer-friendly return policy allows for full refunds or exchanges within a specified timeframe, giving customers the freedom to try out the hearing aids and ensure satisfaction.


In terms of additional benefits, Costco offers warranties and ongoing support. Hearing aids often come with manufacturer warranties that cover repairs and maintenance, providing peace of mind. A Costco hearing aids center also provides free follow-up appointments, cleanings, and adjustments for the lifetime of the hearing aids from Costco. This commitment to ongoing support ensures that customers receive the necessary care and assistance throughout their ownership of the devices.


Costco Hearing Aid Centers are dedicated sections within Costco warehouses. They house licensed hearing aid specialists or audiologists who guide customers in finding the right hearing aid solution. These professionals conduct comprehensive evaluations, recommend suitable hearing aids, and provide personalized fitting and programming services. Costco's commitment to ongoing support includes free follow-up appointments, addressing concerns, and offering maintenance services.


The product selection at hearing aid center Costco includes a variety of hearing aid models from different manufacturers. This variety allows customers to choose from various styles, technology levels, and price points, catering to their preferences and budgets.


Exploring the Range of Hearing Aids at Costco


Kirkland Signature 10.0

The Kirkland Signature 10.0 stands as a distinguished premium hearing aid, commanding a price of $1399.99 for a pair. Its hallmark is the provision of superior stereo sound quality, facilitating an immersive auditory experience. Moreover, it boasts an array of advanced features, including TV sound streaming, remote services for bespoke adjustments, seamless smartphone control, telecoil connectivity, Bluetooth streaming capability, automatic adjustments for optimal performance, adept background noise reduction, and water resistance. This hearing aid represents a fitting choice for discerning individuals seeking a contemporary and technologically sophisticated device, replete with an extensive suite of functionalities.


Philips HearLink 9030

The Philips HearLink 9030 is one of the name-brand hearing aids Costco. Priced at $1,799.99 a pair, it offers advanced features such as AI sound technology to reduce background noise, streaming capabilities for calls and music, rechargeable batteries, and external devices for added functionality. The Philips HearLink app allows control via a smartphone. While these features may be excessive for most users, individuals looking for cutting-edge technology and a name-brand product may find it appealing. It is best suited for those willing to invest in a high-quality hearing aid and experience AI background noise reduction technology.


Rexton M-Core iX

The Rexton M-Core iX emerges as a highly sought-after Costco hearing aid model. Positioned within a price range of $2,500 to $3,000 per pair, it showcases an inconspicuous In-the-Ear (ITE) design that discreetly integrates into the ear canal. Distinguished by its arsenal of 20 finely adjustable channels, automatic voice recognition, feedback suppression, and seamless Bluetooth audio streaming from iPhone and iOS devices, this hearing aid manifests advanced functionalities. The M-Core iX primarily caters to individuals in pursuit of an almost imperceptible ITE design, with a readiness to invest in hearing aids of exceptional quality. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that its compatibility with Android devices may be somewhat limited, and it is particularly well-suited for mild hearing loss rather than more profound cases.


Phonak Brio 4

The Phonak Brio 4 is one of the Costco hearing aides and stands as a highly esteemed hearing aid model crafted by Phonak, a renowned Swiss manufacturer commanding a significant presence in the industry. Positioned at an approximate price point of $2,500 per pair, it delivers an array of advanced features and pioneering technologies. The Brio 4 boasts Bluetooth connectivity for seamless sound streaming, the myPhonak application enabling remote control functionalities, and an assortment of wireless accessories. It incorporates binaural voice streaming, Roger wireless sound capabilities, and AutoSense OS technology to ensure optimal auditory experiences across diverse environments. With its directional microphones, resistance to dust and water, hands-free calling, and remote assistance, the Phonak Brio 4 garners considerable appeal. This model caters to individuals in search of cutting-edge technology and the convenience of remote adjustments, despite its relatively higher price compared to entry-level offerings from other brands.


GN ReSound Preza

The GN ReSound Preza is a popular hearing aid Costco. It is a rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) device that offers advanced features and technology. Priced at $1,999.99 a pair, it comes with rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity for streaming, and the ReSound Smart 3D app for adjustments. The Preza is known for its compatibility with external devices, background noise-canceling technology, and automatic adjustments based on changing sound conditions. While it is a significant investment, providing durability and robust features, it's important to understand Costco's refund policy and trial period due to varying customer experiences.


Jabra Enhance Pro from GN ReSound

Costco is now offering the Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids in partnership with GN ReSound. Priced at $1,799.99 a pair, these rechargeable hearing aids come with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, advanced noise cancellation, and automatic adjustments. The Enhance Pro app allows remote adjustments by a Costco specialist, and the hearing aids are compatible with various external devices. While customer experiences are not yet available, the Jabra Enhance Pro seems to be a suitable option for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss who desire a rechargeable hearing aid with Bluetooth streaming capabilities. It is advised to understand Costco's refund policy and trial period before purchasing.


Costco Hearing Aid Reviews and Customer Experiences


To give you a better idea of what people are saying, let’s take a look at some concrete user review examples and outline the key takeaways.


BBB ratings

The overall Costco hearing aid reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are low, with a score of 1.2 out of 5 stars, primarily due to negative reviews regarding customer service. TrustPilot reviews also reflect a similar sentiment, with a rating of 1.6 out of 5 stars. However, the Costco hearing aid center specifically holds an A+ rating on the BBB, although it is not BBB accredited and lacks customer reviews at this time.


Concrete reviews



Having used three pairs of hearing aids before Costco's, starting in January 2020, the individual expressed dissatisfaction with brands such as Odicon ($4,500) and Phonak ($5,500) over the span of 10 years. However, the Kirkland hearing aids priced at $1,600 have proven to be a great solution. They have significantly improved the individual's ability to hear their spouse, understand conversations, and enjoy TV programs. Previously, they could only perceive volume but struggled to comprehend words. The Bluetooth connection to the TV has been particularly beneficial. The individual's only observation is that now they can hear their spouse more clearly, they have noticed a lisp that was previously unnoticed.



The individual and their spouse initially attempted to utilize their United Healthcare insurance plan for hearing aids. However, after two appointments with United Healthcare providers, they discovered that the insurance program was both costly and of poor quality. Seeking an alternative solution, they consulted an independent provider who offered satisfactory service but at a high expense. It was then that the individual made the decision to explore the options available at Costco, which ultimately proved to be an excellent choice.



In their first experience acquiring hearing aids, the individual expressed their astonishment at the positive impact it has made. Opting for the Kirkland 10 model, they were highly impressed by its performance. Within a few days, their spouse adjusted the TV volume to the level they had previously set, leading to a realization of the remarkable difference in sound clarity. The individual emphasized the value of saving up for such a transformative device, emphasizing its worth.


The pros and cons based on user feedback.

Based on Costco hearing aids reviews and feedback, we’ve summarized the pros and cons of Costco hearing aids:



- Affordability: Costco's Kirkland hearing aids are priced at $1,600, representing a noteworthy cost advantage when compared to competing brands such as Oticon, which is priced at $4,500, and Phonak, which carries a price tag of $5,500. This significant disparity in pricing highlights the affordability and value proposition offered by Costco's Kirkland hearing aids in relation to their counterparts from Oticon and Phonak.


- Improved Hearing Experience: Customers have conveyed favorable feedback regarding the Kirkland hearing aids, citing notable enhancements in conversational clarity, enhanced comprehension of spoken words, and improved audibility of television audio. These positive testimonials underscore the efficacy and tangible benefits experienced by individuals utilizing the Kirkland hearing aids, further affirming their reputation as a reliable solution for addressing hearing-related challenges.


- Bluetooth Connectivity: The integration of a Bluetooth connection feature facilitates the seamless streaming of audio content from users' smartphones or other compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices. This advanced capability contributes to a significantly enriched auditory experience, enabling individuals to access and appreciate a diverse range of sound sources with exceptional clarity and convenience. The incorporation of this notable attribute enhances the overall listening experience to a considerable extent, exemplifying the commitment to providing customers with technologically advanced and user-centric solutions.



- Poor Customer Service: The overall Costco hearing aids reviews and ratings on platforms like BBB and TrustPilot indicate negative reviews, particularly regarding poor customer service.


- Limited Reviews for Costco Hearing Aid Center: While the hearing aid center at Costco has an A+ rating on BBB, it is not BBB accredited and lacks customer reviews, making it difficult to assess the overall customer experience specifically for hearing aids.


What models do customers recommend?

Based on the reviews, out of all Costco hearing aid brands, a particular one stood out among the rest.

Kirkland Hearing Aids: According to a verified customer, the Kirkland hearing aids offered by Costco (priced at $1,600) received positive feedback. The customer reported improved hearing, including better understanding of words, clearer conversations, and enhanced TV listening experience through Bluetooth connectivity.


Understanding the Cost of Costco Hearing Aids


Pricing details and factors influencing the cost

The pricing structure and cost of hearing aids at Costco exhibits variability contingent upon the distinct model and incorporated features. Notably, the Kirkland Signature hearing aids are frequently positioned competitively, commencing at approximately $1,600 per pair. It is important to acknowledge that alternative brands and models procurable at Costco may encompass more elevated price ranges.


Factors that can influence the cost of Costco hearing aids include the level of technology and advanced features offered, such as Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, noise reduction capabilities, and customizable settings. Higher-end models with more advanced features tend to be priced higher than entry-level options.


Additional expenses to consider, such as warranties and accessories


Besides the Costco hearing aids prices, it is prudent to contemplate potential supplementary costs. Notably, Costco generally provides a manufacturer's warranty for their hearing aids, wherein the extent of coverage and duration may vary. It is imperative to diligently inquire about the precise warranty particulars and ascertain the availability of extended warranty alternatives.


Accessories such as rechargeable batteries, cleaning kits, and remote controls may also incur additional costs. These accessories can enhance the functionality and convenience of the hearing aids but are not always included in the base price.


Exploring financing options and insurance coverage for hearing aids


When it comes to financing options and insurance coverage for hearing aids, it's important to understand the available options. Medicare Parts A and B do not cover hearing aids or supplies, except for hearing exams ordered by a physician as part of a medical diagnosis, which are covered by Part B. However, many Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) and private insurance plans do offer hearing benefits. It's advisable to check with your health insurance provider to determine the specific benefits of your plan.


It is important to note that as it stands right now, Costco does not provide payment installment options for hearing aids. To acquire hearing aids from Costco, a valid Costco membership is obligatory, commencing at an annual cost of $60. Presently, Costco does not facilitate direct insurance acceptance for hearing aid purchases. Nevertheless, subsequent to procuring hearing aids from Costco, individuals can submit a claim to their insurance provider for potential reimbursement. It is advisable to thoroughly review one's insurance policy and seek guidance from the insurance provider regarding the reimbursement procedure and any pertinent prerequisites.


Costco's Hearing Aid Services and Support


Overview of the services provided by the Costco Hearing Aid Centers


The Costco Hearing Aid Centers offer a range of valuable services to their members. To begin with, Costco provides free hearing tests, which serve as a convenient starting point for individuals interested in assessing their hearing health. These tests are conducted by qualified professionals who can provide insights into hearing needs. Additionally, Costco offers product demonstrations, allowing members to explore and experience different hearing aid options firsthand.


Once a member decides to purchase a hearing aid, an associate at the Costco Hearing Aid Center will assist in selecting the most suitable device to meet their specific needs. The chosen hearing aid Costco is then ordered from the manufacturer, ensuring access to the latest technology and features. While the equipment must be paid for in full upfront, members may be eligible for insurance reimbursement. It is important to note that these services are exclusively available to Costco members.


Scheduling appointments and receiving personalized care


Scheduling appointments and receiving personalized care at the Costco Hearing Aid Centers is a straightforward process. To schedule a Costco hearing aid appointment, members can call their nearest Costco Hearing Aid Center using the provided phone number. If it is the first visit, individuals have the option to visit Costco's website and download a form to fill out before the appointment, saving valuable time during the visit.


For follow-up visits, Costco offers an online member journal to complete in advance. These preparations help streamline the appointment and ensure that members receive personalized care efficiently. During the appointment, an associate will guide the member through the selection process, taking into account their specific requirements and preferences. This personalized approach helps individuals make informed decisions about their hearing aids and ensures a tailored fit for maximum comfort and performance.


After-sales support and follow-up services


Costco Hearing Aid Centers go beyond the purchase process by offering after-sales support and follow-up services. These services are provided free of charge to Costco members. Following the initial purchase, members have access to follow-up appointments, allowing them to address any concerns, make adjustments, or seek further guidance. The centers also offer hearing aid cleanings and check-ups, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the devices.


Costco goes the extra mile by providing loss and damage coverage with no deductible, offering peace of mind to members in case of accidents or unexpected situations. Furthermore, warranty periods are provided for hearing aids, although the duration may vary depending on the model chosen. These comprehensive after-sales services demonstrate Costco's commitment to member satisfaction and ongoing support for their hearing health.


Comparing Costco Hearing Aids with Other Brands


Costco compared to the competition


When conducting a comparative analysis between Costco hearing aids and other brands, it is imperative to meticulously evaluate their caliber and attributes. While certain brands may boast cutting-edge technology and specialized functionalities, Costco hearing aids are esteemed for their superior quality and reasonable pricing. Costco caters to a diverse array of hearing aid options sourced from reputable manufacturers, guaranteeing access to reliable and well-established brands. Although certain brands may offer more advanced features, Costco hearing aids generally strike an admirable equilibrium between performance and cost-effectiveness.


Highlighting the advantages and unique offerings of Costco hearing aids


Costco hearing aids have several advantages and unique offerings. One significant advantage is the competitive pricing. Costco's business model allows them to offer hearing aids at lower prices compared to traditional hearing clinics or retail outlets. This affordability makes hearing aids more accessible to a wider range of individuals. Additionally, Costco offers a diverse selection of hearing aid brands and models, allowing customers to choose based on their preferences and specific needs. Their centers also provide free services such as hearing tests, product demonstrations, follow-up appointments, and loss and damage coverage. These added benefits enhance the overall value and convenience of purchasing hearing aids from Costco.


Customer satisfaction and value for money


Customer satisfaction and value for money are crucial factors when considering hearing aids. While individual experiences may vary, many customers express satisfaction with Costco hearing aids. They appreciate the competitive Costco hearing aids prices, wide selection, and quality performance. Furthermore, the free services and comprehensive after-sales support provided by Costco contribute to customer satisfaction. In terms of value for money, Costco hearing aids often offer similar or comparable performance to higher-priced alternatives, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals. However, it is important for customers to consider their specific hearing needs and consult with a qualified professional to ensure the best fit and functionality for their individual circumstances.


Alternatives to Costco Hearing Aids


When selecting a hearing aid, you should always make your choice based on individual needs and explore other reputable brands and models available in the market. With this in mind, going for one of the following Vivtone models:


Vivtone Lucid508 BTE


The Vivtone Lucid508 BTE Hearing Aids are rechargeable digital devices with 3 Professional Modes, noise cancellation, and tinnitus masking. They provide natural and clear sound quality, allowing users to focus on desired sounds while minimizing background noise. The package includes FDA-registered hearing aids, a charging case, ear domes, tubes, cleaning brush, USB cable, fast shipping, lifetime support from audiologists, a risk-free trial, and a money-back guarantee. The Lucid508 offers a combination of functionality and value for money.


Vivtone Pro20 Digital


The Vivtone Pro20 Digital Hearing Aids represent a premium selection of rechargeable devices that encompass advanced technological capabilities for effective noise cancellation and pristine sound reproduction. These hearing aids integrate renowned chips from reputable brands and feature adaptive feedback cancelling functionality to surmount issues related to feedback. Included within the package are FDA-registered hearing aids, a charging station, assorted cables and adapters, a shockproof case, supplementary ear domes and tubes, a cleaning tool, expedited shipping, lifelong support from certified audiologists, a risk-free trial period, and an unequivocal money-back guarantee. The Pro20 hearing aids exemplify exceptional performance standards and are conveniently obtainable as a pair of rechargeable devices through online retail channels.


Vivtone Lucid516 RIC


The Vivtone Lucid516 RIC Hearing Aids are rechargeable devices with a Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) design, providing a natural listening experience and improved sound control compared to Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models. They feature a US-made digital chip with 16-channel sound processing for excellent sound quality. The package includes FDA-registered RIC hearing aids, a charging case, silicone ear domes, a cleaning brush, a USB cable, user manuals, fast shipping, lifetime support from audiologists, a risk-free trial, and a money-back guarantee. The Lucid516 is designed to help users focus on the sounds they want to hear, even in challenging environments like restaurants, home, or work.


Vivtone RIC02


The Vivtone RIC02 Receiver in Canal Hearing Aids are advanced medical-grade devices with a comfortable design and excellent sound fidelity. They feature a receiver in the canal (RIC) design, providing a peak sound gain of 51dB, suitable for most hearing loss levels. The RIC02 utilizes state-of-the-art technology with US-made components, offering a 30mAh steel-sealed lithium polymer battery that charges in 1.5 hours and provides over 20 hours of battery life. It includes dual microphones, adaptive modes for different environments, a secure design with a lanyard and clip, and water resistance with an IP65 rating. The RIC02 is a perfect gift for seniors and loved ones, backed by a 45-day return policy, 1-year manufacturer warranty, and reliable customer service.


Vivtone D09 CIC


The Vivtone D09 CIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids epitomize the latest advancements in medical-grade digital hearing devices, presenting a sophisticated rechargeable solution. Featuring an aesthetically pleasing in-canal design that emphasizes discretion, these aids are accompanied by a comprehensive package encompassing FDA-registered hearing aids, a charging case, ear tips, a quick guide, a user manual, a charging cable, a cleaning tool, and earwax filters. Notably, prompt shipping, lifelong support from esteemed audiologists, a risk-free trial spanning 45 days, and an unwavering 100% money-back guarantee are thoughtfully included, ensuring utmost customer contentment.


Vivtone D08


The Vivtone D08 Rechargeable Hearing Aids are advanced medical-grade digital devices that offer a rechargeable solution. The included charging case clearly displays the remaining power percentage for convenience. With their in-canal design, these hearing aids fit securely in the ear canal, providing a natural appearance. Designed by doctors and tested by audiologists, they offer high-quality hearing at an affordable price. The package includes FDA-registered D08 hearing aids, a charging case, ear tips, a quick guide, user manual, charging cable, cleaning tool, and earwax filters. Free fast shipping, lifetime support from audiologists, a 45-day risk-free trial, and a 100% money-back guarantee are also included.




Opting for Costco as your preferred provider of hearing aids presents numerous advantages, encompassing competitive pricing, an extensive array of distinguished brands, and complimentary services such as hearing assessments, product showcases, subsequent consultations, and upkeep provisions. Moreover, Costco ensures exceptional value for your investment through their premium-grade hearing aids and comprehensive warranty coverage, cementing their commitment to customer satisfaction and overall excellence.


For individuals seeking hearing aids, it is strongly advised to avail oneself of the services provided by a Costco Hearing Aid Center for a thorough and comprehensive assessment. Through the expertise of their skilled medical personnel, your specific requirements can be evaluated, facilitating the selection of an appropriate hearing aid model that aligns with your needs. Furthermore, the Costco professionals will coordinate the ordering process directly with the manufacturer, ensuring a customized fit and maximizing the functionality of your chosen hearing aids.


In summary, Costco Hearing Aid Centers present a compelling proposition for those in search of hearing aids. Their competitive pricing, extensive selection of reputable brands and models, and complimentary services render them a convenient and economical option. Nevertheless, it remains crucial to carefully evaluate personal needs and preferences when making a hearing aid selection. Exploring alternative options, such as the aforementioned Vivtone hearing aids, is advisable to ensure the most suitable match for individual requirements.


Regardless of your choice, prioritizing a thorough evaluation and personalized care will ultimately lead to improved hearing and quality of life.

Vivtone: A Superior Alternative to Costco Hearing Aids

For those seeking a valuable alternative to Costco hearing aids, Vivtone offers a compelling and budget-friendly solution. Created by an ENT doctor, Vivtone has successfully equipped over 750,000 customers with affordable and high-quality hearing aids, complemented by free online hearing tests for the past decade.

Vivtone stands out with its FDA-registered devices, ensuring safety and efficacy. By purchasing directly from Vivtone, you eliminate the extra costs associated with retail markup, making these advanced hearing aids more economical. Unlike the traditional retail experience, Vivtone ensures that finding the right hearing aid is a convenient and straightforward process, with the added benefit of delivery right to your doorstep.

Distinguishing itself from the retail experience at Costco, Vivtone offers a 45-day risk-free trial and a comprehensive 1-year manufacturer's warranty, providing assurance against any defects. This commitment to customer satisfaction is further reinforced by their exceptional U.S.-based, lifetime support, a feature highly praised by customers like Patty Reich, who enthusiastically states, "Out of 5 stars, I would give them 6."

Vivtone has been recommended by users like Dennis Miller, who found Vivtone's products to be on par with or superior to more expensive aids. For those seeking an affordable, high-quality hearing aid solution, Vivtone is an excellent choice, offering significant savings and top-notch customer service.

Quickly determine whether Vivtone Hearing Aids are ideal for you by completing our fast, effortless, and no-cost online hearing evaluation. Instant results await you."

hearing test

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Discover the range of hearing aids available at Costco Hearing Aid Centers, read customer reviews, and compare pricing. Explore alternative options and find the best fit for your needs. Get insights into the benefits, drawbacks, and cost considerations of Costco hearing aids, and make an informed decision for improved hearing health. Discover the range of hearing aids available at Costco Hearing Aid Centers, read customer reviews, and compare pricing. Explore alternative options and find the best fit for your needs. Get insights into the benefits, drawbacks, and cost considerations of Costco hearing aids, and make an informed decision for improved hearing health.